Saturday, November 8, 2008

Moscow 11/8/08

As it is once again very late, this will be short, because, actually, not a lot happened.

I also promise to try to fix the photo uploading problem which resulted in the two pictures from the previous blog being merged.

Checking in at Heathrow wasn't as bad as I expected. In fact, they don't make you take your laptop out, so it went smoother. There were only 2 seats to select from at the airport, and the flight was full.

Moscow was easy getting through passport control. And customs? Nothing. The driver was waiting for me and we headed off to the city. Here is dumb mistake #1: Instead of staying in a hotel at the airport, I HAD to come into the city, just so I could walk around a little. Error. The trip took almost 2 hours, traffic in Moscow being horrendous. The driver was getting a little antsy, and when we got to the street the hotel is on, I realized why. He stopped just short of the entrance and hopped out. Nature called. Right on the sidewalk next to a building. I felt like that on the Heathrow Express last night, but couldn't quite bring myself to it.

Dinner at the same vegetarian restaurant we went to in 2003 and 2004, right around the corner from the hotel. Good thing it's still there, or I don't know where I would have eaten.

Walled to Red Square, which is always a big thrill. Luckily it was open. It isn't always. The Hotel Moscow is being redone, with the same 2 different facades as before (legend has it that when the architects presented the plans to Stalin, he inadvertently choose 2 dissimilar facades on either side of the front entrance. Not wanting to bring this error to his attention, and risk his wrath, both were built. And so they are once again. See above. I must fix that. The photo should go here.

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